2 part and 3 part NCR pads

NCR (no carbon required) pads and sets enable a user to write on a single sheet and have the information transferred to a second or third sheet of paper below, without the need to insert carbon paper.

Ideal for invoices, receipts, credit notices, delivery notes, purchase orders, order pads, collect or return pads, restaurant orders or job sheets. 

NCR sets enable the transfer of writing to sheets of paper below.

These can be anything from 2 part to many parts and can be formed with several different colours of paper within the various layers of the form.

The all forms can be printed in single or full colour and include a company logo and continuous numbering if required.

NCR sets can be glued together to form a pad and are board backed with wrap covers.


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NCR sets can be glued together to create an NCR pad. The gluing enables individual sets to be removed from the pad as a complete set once filled in.

NCR pads can be printed with sequential numbering, making them ideal for job sheets, orders or purchase order forms.

Pads can be hard backed with board to create a rigid surface for writing and have a writing cover.

NCR sets and pads can also be perforated to enable parts of the form to be removed.

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